Saturday, January 1, 2011

Into Port

folios are requested
a journal of my adventures
to what intended audience
does this ship sail?

what are the terms
to terminate
this term?


  1. Kay,

    As a struggling poet, the question raised in the opening stanza makes me ponder over and over again.

    Share with you two statements made by one of the most successful writers, J. K. Rowling:

    “I write nearly every day. Some days I write for ten or eleven hours. Other days I might only write for three hours. It really depends on how fast the ideas are coming.”

    “I didn't write with a target audience in mind. What excited me was how much I would enjoy writing about Harry. I never thought about writing for children -- children's books chose me. I think if it is a good book anyone will read it.”

    I believe her first statement and doubt the truthfulness of the second.

    For the time being, the journey itself is enough for me. But, I’ll be very, very happy if someone reads and relates to my poems.

    And I like your play on words in the concluding stanza, which raise another thought-provoking question.


  2. Thank you for your comments, Chen-ou. With my poetry, I am like you--I write and then enjoy (hope for) the idea that someone else will relate to my work.

    Here is my dilemma. I am going to attempt to graduate this term. I need to complete my portfolio, which is read by my professors, but will be my creative way of describing my education. I am trying to decide what voice I want to tell my story. :o) I think I want to write something that youth can read and understand. I want people of any age to feel they can get an education.

    If I can do this... anyone can.

    I like the fact that you quoted J. K. Rowling, because she wrote to the children and encouraged reading! What a happy accident.

    Always, Kay

  3. This poem really exemplifies the preparatory questioning essential before setting sail. Excellent.

    So good luck! (You might consult the resident [Lucky] Gentleman Rabbit before leaving dock.) I think targeting youth is something you'd be a natural at. Especially if you can find a way incorporate the pleasure you take in words, word-play, pun, etc.

    Have at it and have fun!

  4. Kay, I'll email you some ideas about how to set your sail.

    All the best,