Monday, March 5, 2012

Garage Sale!

It's time to announce my Garage Sale. Last summer I put a group of poems together and designed a chapbook. The poems are odds and ends of memories made during a nomadic childhood. No two people remember a moment, even a shared moment, in quite the same way. Since these stem from a growing child's mind, they are open to interpretation. I hope you find something you like in my dusty garage...

Note: Blogger doesn't like PDFs, so I will post a new page daily (beginning tomorrow). If all goes well, I will include a few copies of pages from the book to show off the design. Unfortunately, the quality of the online copies is not clear. Next step: Kay will need to learn html...

If you are interested in a pretty, handmade version, please e-mail me at

  Self / Eleventh Letter Press

US Price:
  $8.00 (covers materials plus shipping)

  Paperback, 5.5" x 8.5"
  52 pages

  card stock cover
  32 lb. ultra white paper
  cotton thread
  hemp thread


  1. Congrats Kay. The cover looks great, and I'm sure the poetry is awesome too.

  2. Thanks, Francis. It's my first, so special to me. I've already learned a bit since writing it. I'm hoping to begin working on something new. :)