Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Tidings

inspired by Chen-ou Liu's New Year poems

a rock
rolls under moon's
bride, her arms wave coyly
Sisyphus was not as clever
in stride


  1. Really interesting how you've woven the "on" rhyme unexpectedly into a cinquain. You wouldn't necessarily see it on the page but you can't miss hearing it. I think you would have made Ms. Crapsey blink!

  2. The implied contrast/comparison is effective

    Kay, this poem makes me smile.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Look forward to reading more of your poem.

    Happy New Year!


  3. Chen-ou, as fate seems to repeat, we are online in tandem. What a grand way to begin the new year. Thanks for your smile and kind words.

    Brian, as usual, you found something I didn't know was there... I had to re-read my poem 3 times to find the rhyme. I wish I could say I was clever enough to have done it on purpose!! Thank you for beginning my year with your compliment.

    You both made me smile!