Saturday, October 30, 2010


written by a sixth grade Kay

Here comes Halloween,
The witch is getting ready to scream,
The ghosts are washing their sheets,
And giving them nice new pleats.
The goblins are turning greener than ever,
Their eyes can keep bulging out forever.
The kids think it's just keen,
'Cause here comes Halloween.

have a happy, safe one!


  1. Shades of things to come from this poetic sixth-grader! Ha!"Shades"..."Ghosts"..get it!?? (I know, I'm my own best audience.)

    Seriously, this is quite a good poem from a twelve-year old.

  2. Brian, You are too funny! I enjoyed going back to some of my earlier writing. Times of innocent freedoms.

    I should have waited to post the next one, because it shadowed the fun.

    How I feel now... I'm suffocating!

    Take care, Kay

  3. A sixth grade Kay wrote a lovely, rhyming poem. Impressive!

    Thanks for sharing.