Friday, October 29, 2010

Green with Hunger

the sound of empty tombs
a pit beneath my heart
is churning--rejecting
my goblin cravings


  1. Well,this just confirms what last summer merely suggested: you ARE a witch. I say this with personal love and general openness to diversity and multiculturalism ; )

    "The only good stake is one you eat!"

    "Admit it: Goblins are delicious!"

    "Don't throw that water!"

    "My Other car is a broom!" (I've actually seen this bumpersticker.)

    See, I'm a real advocate!

    Happy Halloween and remember, the world could use a few more frogs now that they're an endangered species. So "go to town" (literally) tomorow night and have at it!

  2. goblin cravings!!

    Kay, great opening lines. And L3 is visually impressive and thematically effective.

    By the way, I'll hide under the bed tomorrow night. LOL!


  3. Ahahaha. Or, should I say, "eee-hee--hee--heeee!"

    You guys just made my day. If only I could conjure up my referential paper...

    In honor of Halloween, tonight I am posting a poem I wrote in sixth grade. More fun to have a more youthful viewpoint...

    Take care, Kay