Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Crow King

Photo by Matt Tracy, September 2010
I am the king with dark
crestfallen, my eyes
see all

carry on, carry on
your wasteful tossings
for my beacon

my claws, my caw, my cape
of awe
blue-black ink
to canvass
cloudy skies


  1. Kay,

    Your skillful use of consonance makes the poem effective.

    I like your personified poem, especially the concluding stanza.

    Matt's photo is stunning. The almost invisible eyes of the craw makes the photo haunting.

    By the way,

    Have you written haiga? If not, check out Daily Haiga (http://www.dailyhaiga.org/). This new form of Japanese short poetry could be a golden opportunity for you two to deepen spousal relationship.


  2. Thank you Chen-ou. I think your link on haiga will be interesting to check out. :)

    The crows on the light driftwood were fascinating. I usually pay attention to the gulls and pelicans, but these dark fellows caught my eyes this time...