Monday, October 12, 2009

Wordstock Rocks

This past weekend was my initiation into Wordstock. I still can't believe how many wonderful book people there are in Portland. I am so thankful that I stumbled into the Portland State Publishing Program and Ooligan Press!

Not only did I fill my pack with new books, I met authors, editors, publishers; all from the Portland area, and all striving to expand the reading public.

One great booth I stopped at was WITS, Writers in the Schools. This organization brings authors to schools to mentor students. It gathers their honed creative skills in annual anthologies. I tried my hand at writing a poem using words selected from a fish bowl: Mermaid, Crocodile, and Manatee. You can see my silly poem on the blog, W.o.o.t.s. (click on the word).

The most exciting thing about finding WITS, was the connection to other marvelous literary blogs to follow. So much to read and explore, so little time...

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