Saturday, October 17, 2009

What Do You Get at Indie Bookstores? 'You Get Phil

I am taking Book Marketing this term, and subscribed to Shelf Awareness. The following article is interesting. I need to watch my pennies, but browsing in libraries and book stores is part of my process in finding a book. Many of the books I choose are unexpected surprises. They catch my eye or touch, and then I'm reading words that cinch the deal.

Then there's Phil. Computers can't replace the human mind, and there's something wonderful about an informed book curator, who's combined intuition and knowledge can yield the perfect book for an individual.

There are moments when I know exactly what I need for school--a cold transaction, where the romance of musky smells and dusty covers is unnecessary, and saving money is... but, I am always willing to pay a little more when I know it's supporting a friend or cherished business.

Read the article here:

What Do You Get at Indie Bookstores? 'You Get Phil"

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