Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yes, Virginia

a bell rings...

I remember believing
lying still under covers
straining to hear
the ashes scatter


  1. This brings back many memories of the sound of the furnace kicking on and off throughout the night, the anticipation edged with slight terror of the 'familiar stranger's' arrival, the inability to sleep for excitement the Night Before Christmas.

    Thank you for the return journey, Spirit of Christmas Past. Very tender.

  2. Brian, did we grow up in the same household? Isn't it fun to remember those emotions of childhood. Gads, I wish I could go back.

    I laid there knowing that if Santa saw me, he'd go away, but I wanted to see him SO badly. I tiptoed out after holding my breath for what seemed hours... The visitor was gone, but the presents were there!

    By the way, Happy Birthday!!!!