Friday, November 4, 2011

a resurrection of naked ladies

the air of pink
fragrant, teasing
my life's dearth
and buried


  1. Wonderful imagery! These lilies were always on my mental list for planting, but I still haven't added them to the garden.

  2. Excellent. So much in so little. Why and how short forms work in the hands of an artful poet. "Wonderful imagery!" I'll second that.

  3. Rebecca, thank you! It's nice to have an artist reading. My lilies were always a surprise (didn't plant them). Those leaves would pop up in summer and then... nothing! I'd think good grief, pluck them out. Then, when I would least expect it, I'd walk around the path by the fireplace, and there they were, one flower, two. Last year, I noticed the smell... so glorious, and this year I was treated to a great many blooms and six stalks! I'll be looking for them every year now.

    Brian, I'm glad we can share our flowers, even at this time of year!

    Best to all,

  4. I second Brian.

    Kay, the title is really good, making the poem open to interpretation.


  5. Many thanks, Chen-ou. LOVE your moon monostitch from Sketchbook, 6:4, posted today.