Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 1

April's foolish month of hopeful blooms
perfumes the skulls of winter
pursuing a perusal of impermanent perfection
color weighting when cooked by summer's heat
the beating wait of explosive fragrance
a perfusion of confusion
before death comes once again
to laugh at us all with clacking teeth


  1. Kay, who said "April is the cruellest month?"

    Your opening and closing lines are really great.

    The sounds of this poem are really impressive.

    For example, pursuing a perusal of impermanent perfection/ .../a perfusion of confusion


  2. Really potent, Kay (and sounds like someone's been reading her Fr. Hopkins!). ;)

  3. Ha ha! Brian, actually no, I've been reading Allen Ginsberg, but after looking up Fr. Hopkins I can't help but see similarities in their thinking! They both fit my untamed, sprung brain.

    Sprung, Spring, both are here. :o)

    Thank you both for your encouragement. It makes the challenge of writing a poem a day again even more enticing!