Wednesday, March 30, 2011


cinnamon in the coffee
drugs the bitter hours
heater's hum diminishes time
the marching band

the cat reverberates his purr
on a chest that needs to open
gently, he taps the coffee left
between my lips

all the wiles
the dog's head warms my feet
and her feet splay a humor
of content


  1. I love tranquil poems if they suggest the ephemeral nature of experience. Lovely, Kay.

  2. Lovely poem. Such charmingly domestic visuals.

    Comparatively speaking, "he lightly smells the coffee left/ between my lips." seem a little weak to me.

    Maybe I should buy a cat or a dog as my pet.

    Kay, by the way, have you seen this video (

    It's about a house cat whose lawnmower-like purr hits 73 decibels — 16 times louder than the average feline.