Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Sequence for Japan

Tsunami clouds
monitors display
one small frog

Basho's frog
reflects the pond
with missing limbs

a tree bows
small flowers
cover frogs

Basho's frog expands
an earth-round pouch
expels rippled cries

wind lifts the tree
flowers fly
tadpoles swim

Basho's frog
leaps over the moon
a bubble-edged pond


  1. Kay, A heartfelt poem sequence.

    Before the earthquake, I wrote a haiku sequence for Basho:

    The Ripples from a Splash

    moonlit pond…
    are frogs asleep

    flower moon --
    its eyes on the flowing clouds
    a frog

    this frog
    crouches on a lotus leaf --
    reciting Basho

    the frog
    shatters the moon’s face...
    alone by the pond

    I wonder, “What would Basho say if he were alive today and could read our poem sequences?


  2. Chen-ou, I cannot tell a lie, I read your essay in the last Magnapoets and was inspired. I hesitate to call my sequence Haiku, because, I never conform completely to the "rules." It feels a little jilted, and I may convert it to a cinquain some day.

    Yes, I wonder what Basho would say! Thank you for your kind words. :o)

  3. Kay, I'm really sorry for the question I raised in my reply.

    It was meant to show the drastic differences of theme and tone in our poems due to the destruction of frogs' habitat.

    My apologies.


  4. No apologies necessary, Chen-ou. I think I interpreted your question in the way you meant. :o)

    Congratulations upon the completion of your e-book!