Friday, July 24, 2009

A Tumbler of Sea Glass: Series 7

"What were you thinking?" whispered Stephen.

"I wasn't," she answered, "story of my life."

Julia followed the occupational therapist ("Janice" according to the name tag) into an alcove while the aides lowered Timothy in the pool with Stephen.

What now?

"Stephen told me you're interested in volunteering," said Janice.

"Yes..." here it comes--you're outta here!

"Well," Janice shuffled some papers.

Oh snap, she is writing me up...

"You need to fill out some paperwork to make it official, and there's an orientation..." she looked at Julia, "you might not want to do cannonballs in the therapy pool."

"Oh... no, I mean yes, I'll not do that..." just shut up, Julia.

"I saw you with Timothy yesterday. I think you have a real knack with him. Have you worked with fragile children before?"


"If you are interested, there's a growing need for aquatic occupational therapists."

Janice stood up and held out her hand, "Welcome aboard, Julia."

Julia shook Janice's hand. Yes!

Julia sat by the pool and filled in the required fields of information. She fidgeted while Stephen pulled Timothy through the water. Janice gently stretched Timothy's arms. Stephen held Timothy upright, and bounced him up and down. Julia scribbled faster.

Timothy's session ended before Julia turned in her papers, but she was able to push his wheelchair out to meet the van. He had a musical toy. One button--his favorite--played "Mary Had a Little Lamb." Any time Julia pushed a different button, Timothy frowned and pounded the toy. He'd push the button for "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and grin profusely.

"Mary had a little lamb," sang Julia.

Timothy laughed. When she stopped singing, he pounded his tray. The exchange continued until the van arrived, and Julia sang goodbye. She looked through the window--Timothy was fussing. One of the aides got his attention, and he smiled again.

"You've got a boyfriend," sang Stephen.

She punched his arm and dove into the lap pool. She spent the next hour diffusing her pent up energy. She began to "feel" the water again, moving with a swiftness she hadn't experienced since her injury.


"I'm starving," Julia bit her sandwich.

"You should have eaten breakfast," said Aunt Georgia.

"I thought I was toast after my cannonball," said Julia.

Aunt Georgia rolled her eyes. Julia pulled the tumbler of sea glass toward her, and picked through the pieces.

"I wish I had my cell phone," she said, "I'm so used to texting Deanna everything. She probably thinks I died or something."

"That reminds me," said Aunt Georgia--she hopped up from her chair and scurried out of the kitchen.

Julia smiled. She must be part cat. She found a green piece of sea glass embellished with bubbles. She rubbed her thumb over the texture.

Aunt Georgia appeared with a small package. "This came for you today... "

Series 8 will be posted Sunday, July 26.

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