Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Tumbler of Sea Glass: Series 6

Julia looked at her artwork. The water colors faded and deepened--imitating Siletz Bay. She ran her fingers over two painted hands--one grasping another above the waves. She felt the rough, shimmering sea glass; crushed and glued to the painted paper. Shafts of moving light from the sea glass mobile traced it all--it was fulfilling.

Funny, she hadn't paid much attention to Stephen before--sandy, unkempt hair, hidden under a hoodie. He wouldn't catch the eyes of most girls, but Julia couldn't stop thinking about his hands. He used his hands to help others--his grasp of her hand, holding Timothy--this initiated a feeling of tenderness in Julia.

"The fool made me lose my cell phone," she said out loud, "I can't even call Deanna to tell her about him--"

"Julia?" Aunt Georgia peeked around the door.

"Oh... hi Aunt Georgia."

"Stephen's coming to dinner," said Aunt Georgia, "says he has a 'humungous' salmon to share..."


That's the biggest fish I've ever seen. Julia held the door open as Stephen walked in. She followed him to the kitchen.

"Wow," said Julia, "that's amazing."

"I know! Ten pounds! It almost took my pole."

"I wonder if he found my phone..."

"One way to find out," Stephen plopped the fish on the counter.

Julia turned away and laughed. "I'm glad you're the one cleaning it."

He cut into the fish, and Julia tried to ignore the sound of sawing flesh while she made a salad.

"Will you look at that."

"What?" Julia peered into the mess on the counter.

"I think," he tugged at something and rinsed it under the faucet, "this guy had a strange lunch."

He held up a piece of sea glass. It was orange, opaque, and softened by years of rolling in the waves.

"Someone made this into a lure. I have never seen that before," said Stephen.

"If I had my cell phone, I could take a picture..." said Julia. "It didn't work as a lure--you caught the fish."

"Well, Mr. Fish ate it."

Stephen marveled some more while Julia went back to making salad.

"It's orange, see? That makes it look more like an injured fish or something."

"Why not just use an injured fish?" she asked.

"Can't re-use and recycle injured fish..."

"Ok, ok," said Julia, "Aunt Georgia would be proud."


"Aunt Georgia, I'm going to the pool," called Julia.

The screen door bounced as Julia ran off. Therapy day. Timothy was scheduled this morning, and Julia wanted to help.

"Slow down," said Stephen as she burst through the door.

"I just can't wait to work with Timothy again."

She walked up to Timothy's wheelchair, "Ready to swim Timothy?"

Timothy smiled. His aides took him to the changing area, and Julia joined Stephen at the therapy pool. She executed a celebratory cannonball.

When Julia emerged, the occupational therapist was waiting with crossed arms.

"I'd like a word with you."

Series 7 will be posted Friday, July 24.

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