Sunday, January 22, 2012

Small Stones: Day 22

Apparently, it is "Syllabic Tanka Day, 2012." If you go to Jim Wilson's blog, here, you will find an excellent description of tanka's evolution. Below is my small stone.

the sails deflate
when the wind changes its course
and the boat is still
far from land, the gulls cry out
who will give my eulogy?

crags of earth recede
a view of mist takes over
I want only wind
I want it to blow my ash
oversea with singing gulls


  1. Kay,

    The syllabic tanka sings harrowingly beautiful here. Some poets have the ear and voice for it. No surprise to find you among them.

    1. Brian, thank you for reading me, whether I have a voice or not. :) It is nice to know you are there.