Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Garden Tears

Here is my last small stone. I created this "Spirits of the Earth Mask" last fall for the Earth Arts NW Gala. The following is my artist description:

Artist: Kay Tracy
A sentence about Kay Tracy: "I'm a poet, editor, & classroom publishing aficionado."
Name of mask: Garden Tears
Materials used: Tinted & white sand, chili powder, corn meal, celery seeds, basil, poppy seeds, lavender, and paper. The frame is a wicker basket and topped with wheat stalks. (Oh, and raffia.)

What is the message of the mask?

"Underneath herb, grain, and flower seed is garish, tinted sand. If we replenish native habitats, the garish is replaced with beauty; tears of sorrow are replaced with tears of joy."

And that, my friends, sums it up nicely for me.


  1. First the drawing now this amazing mask. Multi-talented...not sure I'm not jealous.

  2. Many thanks, Brian. I'm glad you like it.