Friday, December 16, 2011

Special Announcement for Four and Twenty

I would love to present the work of Peter Pommer's high school students. This creative writing class at Clackamas High School has poetry and artwork displayed in a special issue of Four and Twenty. I was privileged to speak to them about the publishing process with publisher, Vinnie Kinsella. The students then wrote, edited, and submitted their poetry and cover art.

Take a look at the talent of our youth at Four and Twenty: Short Form Poetry


  1. Kay,

    Completely bowled me over. These students can WRITE!

  2. Brian, the gift of commentary you gave the students is amazing. They will surely treasure it! From me, one of your students, no jealousy, pure joy to have my mentor share the gift with our youth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Kay,

    I am your peer and friend only. I draw equally as much creative fuel from our association as you. You are a fine poet with or without my 2-cents worth.

    I was thrilled by what these students accomplished. The art of poetry will continue to thrive well into the future if their gifts and work are any indication.