Monday, December 19, 2011

A Bedtime Story for Brian

the inkwell
indelible muse
dripping from the tail of a bear


  1. Fibonacci? You own it!

    And I am conceited enough to believe just maybe the poem is directed my way?

    I knew you'd be great at the fib. Did you find that once you got the first two words on their respective lines the rest of the poem pretty much wrote itself? There's something organic about the form (literally) that makes me I wonder if language, along with cells, leaves and trees, also doesn't just naturally run in this pattern?

    Great form for both the imagists and didactics among us.


  2. Well, of course it is for you! Muses, bears... you got the clues. But, just to make it official, I've edited the title. I like it much better now. :)

    I do like this form. I will be playing with it in the future! (Although, the Tralfamadorians have seen me do it in the past...)

  3. My god, the Tralfamadorians is either the name of a poetry writing group you once belonged to named in honour of Vonnegut or that is one of the most bizarre things you have ever said to me. Which, of course, immediately elevates it to a place among the top 10 or so of my favourites.

  4. Reading Slaughterhouse Five. Of all things at Christmas... but Liz bought it at a resale shop, and I couldn't resist.

    Of course, Vonnegut is brilliant. I can't put this down. I'll be reading it in past, present, and future tense the rest of my life.