Monday, October 10, 2011

Tongue in Cheek

a tongue
coiled spring ready
to taste the last nectar
Canada's fall sunshine is
not here

Happy Thanksgiving Brian and Chen-ou!


  1. Chen-ou and I are sending you our sun and warmth soon (irony abounds!). You will have your Indian Summer.

    Just remember, winter comes later to southern Ontario, but once here stays put -- often until May!

    Love the cinquain with its butterfly tongue and word play!

    Hope the get-away was restorative & restful. Chat soon.

  2. Kay, your poem and its title make me smile.

    Thanks for your Thanksgiving wishes.


  3. @Short Poems, thank you for visiting here and leaving your kind words. They are much appreciated.

    @Brian and Chen-ou, I still have over a month to wait for my thanksgiving, but in honor of you both, the other day I ate: apples with caramel, pistachios, sweet potato with butter, cinnamon and nutmeg (and marshmallow), baked chicken with rosemary... I love the harvest season, don't you?? :) ~Kay