Monday, October 31, 2011

For Chuck

The rocks may weigh
you down
some days...
But, Chuck, 'ol pal,
I say!
Take that bag
of jibes and jeers,
and fling them Lucy's way.

Her five good reasons
won't have time
to clench
or pull a prank.
The little red-haired
girl will share
and you'll have rocks
to thank.


  1. Key, I'm curious about who Chuck is. Is there a real story between Chuck and Lucy?

    I enjoyed the read. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Halloween


  2. Sorry, Chen-ou. Guess you gotta love Charlie Brown to get this one. :) I hope you are having a marvelous Halloween!

    Thanks for visiting my dungeon... :) It's not so dark today. Hee hee.


  3. Fun stuff. I can hear Linus reciting it. : )

  4. Brian,

    I was laughing when I wrote it. Goofy, but I had to post it. The goth has worn off for a bit (I know it won't be a full year...)

    What is really funny: I was commenting that maybe "'ol pal" should be changed to "'ol boy" and Matt pointed out that Peppermint Patty called Charlie Brown, "Chuck, 'ol pal." Sometimes the things that pop out of my head amaze me. I have a very unconscious mind.