Monday, August 15, 2011

Ordering Shakespeare

for Four and Twenty, Brian, and the Bard
(the writing prompt was "holus-bolus")

thrice they chanted
threw they in
newts now see-can't
frogs can't leap
bats are cold
and dogs can't speak

take me round
the cauldron soon
spill it in the cold
blue moon
return the eyes
the toes and wool
give back the tongue
so dogs can drool


  1. I know I commented on this earlier but must have somehow deleted it! So...Let's just say I would not want you for my enemy! ; )

    Seriously, a wonderful poem with its incantatory rhythm and rhyme. I don't know how much you know about traditional spell-casting or witchraft of the non-Wiccan variety, but this is IT!

    Pretty much a perfect poem.. I can see you, Anne and Bridget Bishop (Salem) dancing around the cauldron chanting it. Scary.

    Oh, and stop confusing these poor animals, it just makes them cross (and you know how witches avoid those) and interrupts their night.

    Thanks for including me in the dedication. See you at the next Sabbat!

  2. LOL! When I was young I was enchanted with Arthur Miller's The Crucible. It's what drove me to abhor unfair judgements. Alas, no amount of prayer or witchery has given me insight into how people think and act. I'm glad you can understand me!