Monday, August 29, 2011

fleeting moments

the thicket's doe
steps lightly
impressions of one
not seen
soon follow


  1. Lovely. The hidden, magical lives of deer expressed quietly and simply.

  2. Hi Kay,
    I just discovered your blog...I'm a bit slow on the uptake!

    Brian recently messaged me to say he'd discovered a poem I'd forgotten I'd had published on Lyrical Passion Poetry, in those days before I fell head over heels in love with tanka and haiku. Your beautiful, tender poem, so delicate, so present, there, not there, captures perfectly these creatures that are so 'deer' to my heart, too. Here's the link to mine: and here's my tanka from the same journal:

    stepping out to drink
    across sun-silvered distance
    the deer
    of a poem
    asks to be written

    I don't know about you, I could spend a lifetime trying(and failing) to say all that might be said about these fellow travellers on the path.

    Best Wishes,

  3. Claire,
    So very honored that you would step into my chaotic world of writing! I'm sorry that I did not see your note until now; it is with great joy that I read your comments and lovely poem.

    Talk about "slow on the uptake!"

    Salutations to a new deer friend,