Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meditations: 1

the sanctuary light-play
stained glass
divides the white like prisms
in the pews
women shush children-patter
hoping for the life-giving

the forest cleaves shade
through new-green fingers
under the canopy
nursing stumps hold high
their adopted youth
fostering the sun's rays


  1. Very beautiful imagery. Not sure about "chlorophyllic". Seems a prosaic intrusion into your otherwise musical diction. I only mention it because it stopped me just where it shouldn't, IMHO.I normally wouldn't mention it but this is too good not to speak-up on my part. (Arrogant bastard that I am ; )

  2. I want YHO at all times. Speak up, you arrogant bastard!!


    Love you,

  3. LOL!

    Your revision a triumph!