Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 4

When I was young
I questioned being


A child questioning
Do others stop
And wonder what it is to be


I do not know
Now that I'm older

Unlike Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
I change with the weather
Whether it is good

I do not know

Am I wish-washed
I.  Do.  Not.  Know.  But...

I ask the same questions


  1. These poems have been fascinating. Very artful and existential. (Sorry I haven't been as present as I might like lately.)

  2. Thanks, Brian. I understand. Life has a way of changing our schedules.

    Thinking of you. My best to Jeff and the family.

  3. Kay, Heideggerian theme of "Dasein" poetically explored in the poem. I like it very much.

    Your use of line breaks, italics, punctuation marks, and caps is thematically effective.

    I wonder if this poem might work better without the second "I do not know" (line 13).

    By the way, the same questions or question (of being Me)?


  4. Chen-ou,

    I do not know! LOL!!!

    I'll think about it. :o) Sometimes the repetition of threes is used in writing children's books.

    I think I will keep the last line plural, because there are two questions in the poem.

    Many thanks for your suggestions and insight. Your reference to Heideggerian themes and "Dasein" were new things for me to explore. I love that. I learn so much from you!


  5. Watch-out, Chen-ou, those repetitions of threes are often used by witches in children's books. (I KNEW I never should have introduced Kay to Sexton!)