Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Lion's Entrance

A murder of crows leads the storm,
black, filtering, fluttering, black.
The sky cries with sticky craws,
whilst I caw for springing lambs,
... and marching lions roar.


  1. I'm trying to figure out how you accomplished the sonic qualities of this one. I THINK it has to do with precise calibration of alliteration and rhythm. The poem actually seems to rhyme without any "on" rhymes in evidence. It sounds like Kay but Kay who has somehow enlisted Yeats and Hopkins to sing back-up vocals.

    Did I mention I love it?

  2. What a fun critique to start my day.
    Thank you, Brian. :o)

  3. Kay, I'm not sure if I get the meaning of the poem. But I like its dense language and musicality.


  4. Hi Chen-ou,

    Well, my mind doesn't always make sense to native English speakers, but here are some things that may help: there is an old wive's tale that says if March comes in like a lion (fierce and stormy), it will leave like a lamb (kind and calm). In Portland, it was definitely in like a lion! I saw crows in the sky, and my mind flew with them...

    I'm glad you enjoyed the musicality. :o) Kay

  5. Kay,

    I don't feel a need to know what the poem 'means'; I travel within the confines of your musical production. Excellent piece. Best wishes.....pajamas

  6. Pajamas,

    Thank you for traveling here.