Saturday, October 23, 2010


murder takes wing
palming the moon's fullness
with outstretched quiver


  1. A bit more aggressive than my clean and swift Hunter. But that' the way it is with you Kay: always blood and guts any way you can sneak it in.

    Kidding, of course. I should probably be nicer to my only reader ; )

    Seriously, this poem is very forceful indeed.

  2. Well, last night I learned that crows don't fly in "flocks," but "murders." I also learned that the Hunter Moon is also called the Sanguine Moon. It all just kind of flew out of my head and fingers... I KNOW you love crows.

    I have been rather gory at times. Alas, it's the week of Halloween, and I'll dabble a little more (maybe I'll concentrate on those houses we love), then I'll get back to pretty things on November 1.

    Take care, friend,