Friday, September 24, 2010

I believe: we are destined to make choices.


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    However, the more important thing is that: what kind of choices we are going to make.

    Here is my response poem:

    On the Road: A Cherita Sequence
    For Kay Tracy

    a sudden scream

    fading into the day
    the loneliness

    of a straight road
    under the watchful sun
    I keep walking

    long day's journey

    arriving at the fork
    I choose the road less traveled

    the road disappearing
    into the mist
    I keep walking


  2. Chen-ou,
    Thanks so much for your response poem. I love it.

    I was asked to write a poem about what I believe for my pastor. She is preparing a sequence. There is quite a bit one can do with that request. However, I began to think about the idea of predestination, and how I can't swallow it. Somehow these words made it possible for me to use the word: "destined."

    There was still discussion after church (pastor quoted me in sermon) and one woman still didn't like word "destined." We "choose," "we are free to make choices." Ah, but somehow it's man's (ambigender) destiny to choose, whether choices are sensible or not (and what is "sensible?")

    I love fantasy--Chronicles of Narnia, Tolkien, Ursula Le Guin--and the idea of destiny plays a part in these. Secretly, we all want to feel we have a purpose, but then others begin to say people are destined to cast systems, etc... I don't believe in that.

    So much for my ranting. Thanks for looking into those few words of mine.


  3. There is one chapter on predestination in John Calvin's great theological work, “The Institutes of the Christian Religion,” which is one of the foundational texts shaping Protestant Christianity.

    I think it might interest you.


  4. Thank you, Chen-ou!

    How on earth have you been able to read so many great things. I can not read fast enough...

    LOL. I need to accept my limitations!