Monday, August 9, 2010

Shake the Sphere

fore dust
am I?


  1. Kay,

    According to Brian, we're embedded in primal atoms. LOL!

    This poem subtly alludes to The Genesis Account.

    A good use of inversion!


  2. One more thing:

    The title is thought-provoking.


  3. Thank you, friend. It's fun to feed off of you guys!


  4. No, Chen-ou! Yes, Kay! LOL! "Feeding off of" is the perfect understanding of Atomist philosophy.

    According to Democritus, Epicurus, and othe Atomists, (including modern science -- and don't get me started on the nonsensical conclusions drawn by the so-called "new physics", the conclusions of which no genuine physicist buys into), we are not "embedded" in atoms, we ARE the primal atoms themselves come together in a specific, ephemeral combination giving rise to life and consciousness. At death we remain those same atoms in a different state, losing the integrity of the combination that permitted emergence of life & consciousness. We then become food, plants, cattle, etc -- Food! Atomic building blocks. That is the only immortality I accept -- not meeting up with Grandma again in some place suspiciously resembling this one but "perfect" (whatever that means). After Darwin the idea of an afterlife has become a fanciful myth and wishful thinking. (End of Epicurean Sermon.)

    BTW: I love this one, Kay! LOL! The Bard would have enjoyed you immensely.

  5. Brian,

    I've learned something new. Thanks!


    "Feeding off of..." Smiles!


  6. Kind of you to say so, Chen-ou. The reality is I'm just a ranter as the first drops of morning espresso start wending their way through my bloodstream! You and Kay are often the beneficiaries of that first rush of caffeine-driven madness.

  7. Keep drinking, Brian. LOL. I almost missed this exchange. What a wealth of information. I'm glad you caught the reference to Mr. Shakespeare, Brian. :o)

    Now that I've had breakfast, I have to go learn to make pickles with my neighbor. LOL.

    Love always, Kay

  8. Poetry & pickles. Doesn't get much better than that! Yum.