Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Poetry Projects

I have not been writing as much as I'd like. I have an early New Year's resolution--write more.

I have two projects I want to work on, and both are based on writing serial poetry:
  • Short-term Serial Poetry. I like the idea of completing a poem each month by writing regular installments. I want to experiment with different lengths, topics, and time constraints. The first serial poem will be "Streamline," a poem in six installments. The installments will be posted on Thursdays, beginning tonight (with the exception of Christmas Eve). The completed poem will be posted on January 28. (Note: this poem is already completed, but I would like feedback. Who knows, maybe the poem will take a new direction.) "Streamline" deals with swimming--are you surprised?
  • Year-long Serial Poetry. I want to write a series of short poetry dealing with my faith. Faith, like writing, is a work in progress. It's a decision to believe, and not always explainable. Sometimes, things need to be broken down before the big picture can be seen. I'd like to write throughout the year, and then see what my big picture looks like. This series will be called, "Pondering Faith, Wondering Me."

I thought my blog would be the perfect medium for these experiments. Those who are interested can read them and give me feedback. Those who aren't, won't.

If you are reading my blog, thank you.

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